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Continence Confidence is pleased to offer you a variety of services & appointment types. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about these.

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A happy smiling young girl in a dry bed with her 2 cats

Bedwetting Program

Our comprehensive Bedwetting Program - to help kids aged 6yrs+ stop bedwetting!

This program can be delivered via home visit (location dependent) or via virtual services eg Zoom

The structured, individualised program includes valuable clinician support and assistance.

Regular contact with a clinician supports learning and progress through the program - this can be done via Zoom.

For further info about this program - see here 

Payment via SQUARE Checkout 

Bedwetting Basics - free sampler

Do you have a bedwetting child in the family?

Need some help?

Please download our free Bedwetting Basics guide (click on the PDF icon).

This is a good start and then consider purchasing our complete guide - which includes alarm use help.