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Continence Confidence

Education Sessions

Continence Confidence can also assist with education sessions for staff, support workers, social groups etc

We love talking about pee and poo to share awareness and best tips for managing well.

We have held sessions with a variety of topics including

Catheter care, drain bag care

Good habits for bladder & bowel health

Product use

Do you have a particular topic / need?

Please contact us for more information!

Please note that we do not provide competency based skills training and assessment - as we are not an RTO.

What our customers are saying

Thank you so much Amanda for the education session with the team and the feedback. It is very much appreciated.

Amanda was very professional and extremely knowledgeable, with the ability to provide specific information and guidance on how to best care for (our client's) catheter & set up.

De-identified quotes from real people :)