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Continence Confidence

Continence Assessments

Would you like us to help you with a Continence Assessment? 

You might be quite reluctant to discuss these sensitive bladder and bowel issues, we get that! 

Please be assured we are easy to talk to.

We work together to determine the best plan for you.

We have a chat (home visit / online), discuss your concerns, help with suggestions and provide information & a report at the end.

If you want to, you can invite others to join the assessment - eg your spouse, loved ones, support workers.

Your assessment is conducted by a "Nurse Continence Specialist" - who is a Registered Nurse with many additional skills & qualifications 

to practice at an advanced specialist level.

What do we actually do during an assessment? 

There are quite a few things to discuss - so we allow a decent amount of dedicated time for you. 

These are some typical questions - 

What are your troubles with your bladder and/or bowel?

When did these problems start for you?

What is bothering you or worrying you about this?

Are your products working well?

Are you concerned about managing issues, for example whilst travelling, at work, going shopping? 

What can we improve for you?

We might also need to run a couple of checks - depending on your issues - could be a dipstick wee test or a bladder ultrasound.

We provide individualised advice & strategies to suit you according to your goals.

We can also arrange free product samples for you to trial.

continence assessment

Continence Assessment (NDIS)

  • Chat about - your current issues with bladder/bowel; product review & management tips included.
  • Includes Bladderscan - as clinically required - checks if you are emptying your bladder properly.
  • Service Agreement to be completed prior to appointment.
  • Billed at current applicable NDIS rates.
  • Core or Capacity Building - Delivery of Health Supports by a Clinical Nurse Consultant (weekday / daytime).

Allow approx 5hrs + travel (if required) - includes face to face time (average of 60-90min), plus behind the scenes - documentation as required to maintain clinical standards; report outlining consumable products for 12 months; contacting suppliers; ordering samples; liaising with your health care team etc

I am currently an "unregistered provider" so I can assist Plan and Self managed participants (not Agency Managed).

Contact us to set up the appointment & paperwork today!


Continence Assessment (fee for service)

Would you like help with a Continence Assessment?

  • Benefit from unbiased product advice, samples and strategies to improve your issues?
  • Bladderscan if clinically required, to determine if your bladder is emptying properly.

Private fee for service- for people not on NDIS.

Estimated 5hr on average for the total - Assessment, advice, care plan/summary report if required plus travel.

Contact us for more information, for an individualised quote and to make an appointment!

What our customers are saying

Hi Amanda,  Just wanted to send you a big thankyou for your visit today.

You have given me some things to think about (which is a good thing!)

You have given me the confidence to know that I CAN deal with this!

A de-identified comment from a real client