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Continence Confidence

Catheter Care & Troubleshooting

We can provide a home visit service (location dependent) for - 

 scheduled regular indwelling catheter changes (male, female, suprapubic)

catheter support & maintenance

catheter product advice

catheter troubleshooting & problem solving

catheter blockage management via use of solutions 

Intermittent Catheter use - education, product advice, personal instruction & helpful tips

We utilise 'best practice' clinical guidelines, knowledge and years of expertise to provide this service

Contact us today for further information.

Please also visit our shop for related e-books available for purchase.

Catheter Assessment - one off (NDIS)

A Catheter Assessment can help you with - 

(one off appt for indwelling or intermittent catheters) 

working out the best products to use;

troubleshooting any problems;

my top tips for managing well; and

liaising with your health care team if required.

NDIS Service Agreement to be arranged prior to our appointment

Billed at $146.72/hr + travel (if required). Allow approx 3-4hrs.

Contact us to set up the appointment & paperwork today!

Catheter Care & changes (NDIS)

Do you require assistance with regular & ongoing catheter changes?

Would you like consistency with having the same nurse?

Male IDC; Female IDC or Suprapubic SPC - I do them all!

Home visits are available 

(please contact us to enquire about your location)

NDIS Service Agreement to be arranged prior to our appointment.

Billed at $146.72/hr + travel + documentation time.

Contact us to set up the appointment & paperwork today!

What our customers are saying

Hi Amanda, Thanks for the information you sent. I will read it and print it out for the rest of the staff to look through. Your visit was very helpful. I will contact you if I have more issues with the catheter.

De-identified feedback from a real client :)