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Continence Confidence

Our Latest Blog Entry


Have you seen the Pooping Unicorn video? It's had nearly 40 million hits on YouTube!!!

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We now are proud owners of a Butterfly!

Check out this YouTube clip showing this amazing piece of tech and 

see a bladder scanner in action!

Women in Business - Regional Network

I'm delighted to join up with the Women in Business network!

Here is more information from their website.....

The following is a little bit about our organisation:


  • To create a safe, comfortable and happy environment – through events and social media – for women in business from regional areas (no matter the stage of their business journey) to be able to share ideas, services and support.
  • To help support and grow women in business in regional areas.
  • To encourage the creation and nurturing of opportunities for women in regional areas generally.
  • To encourage and support organisations and individuals to ensure women in business in regional areas have access to the training and support of their male and city-based counterparts.
  • To champion the cause of Women in Business in regional areas.