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Continence Confidence

Bedwetting Program

Our comprehensive Bedwetting Program - to help kids stop bedwetting!

This program can be delivered via home visit (location dependent) or via virtual services eg Zoom

The structured, individualised program includes valuable clinician support and assistance.

Regular contact with a clinician supports learning and progress through the program - this can be done via Zoom.

Our evidenced based program has helped many children over the years to fix their bedwetting!

Our program includes - 

Bedwetting Assessment (bladder & bowel issues)

Structured, clinician guided program including charting

Good bladder & bowel advice

Alarm use

Many valuable supporting resources

Best suited for - 

Kids aged 6yr+ that are motivated, keen & ready to fix the bedwetting!!

Supportive parent(s)

Stable home environment (ie no babies, not about to move house or go on holidays)

Duration - can vary, but 2-3 months is the average time spent on the program. 

This program can be attended by private fee-paying service or via NDIS funding.

Use of bedwetting alarms in combination with bladder & bowel therapy has shown over 80% success in resolving wetting. 

There may be a small minority that do not respond to this therapy for a variety of factors & appropriate discussion and action will occur. 

Dry bed = Happy kid

What our customers are saying

Thank you so much Amanda - and thank you for the session too. It made me feel a lot better about where (my daughter) is at and that there is support and techniques to use going forward - and to learn about new products was all very useful.

De-identified feedback from an actual parent